Joshua Designs Things
Joshua Designs Things


Joshua Thomas Fulkerson is a designer, illustrator, and analog gaming enthusiast living in Buena Park, California

Like A Bunch Of Sake Jugs

Joshua Fulkerson

Design has always fascinated me. No matter the job, no matter the environment, I always made it a point to incorporate good aesthetic philosophy into my endeavors. 

I majored in East Asian Languages and Literature from the University of California, Irvine after a hopeful, but brief, stint as a biology major.

After graduating I spent the next several years of my life living and working in Japan for the board of education in the town of Kotoura-cho, a small town in the least populated prefecture of Japan - Tottori-ken.

To say it was a formative time in my life would be a dramatic understatement. I swooned in the culture. I obsessed over the care and attention to design. I absolutely fell in love.

Now, I'm back in America and looking to incorporate all my wonderful experiences in a new direction.

My career path has always been full of surprise twists.

And I wouldn't change a thing.






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